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  • Image of Tsuru Suzuno
  • Image of Otogi Takanashi
  • Image of Soushi Takanashi
  • Image of Yuu Suzuno
  • Image of MC Tacky
  • Image of Moeko Ueda
  • Image of Flare Nanri
  • Image of Eru Harune
  • Image of Uru Harune
  • Image of Kamino Serio
  • Image of Ikuyo Inamura
  • Image of Naomi
  • Image of Village Headman
  • Image of Katou
  • Image of Sayuki Nanase
  • Image of Mrs. Nagaoka
  • Image of Ayako Mizutani
  • Image of Azusa Hikami
  • Image of Honoka Tsukikage
  • Image of Koharu Oozora
  • Image of Manabu Oozora
  • Image of Hiro
  • Image of Hisho
  • Image of Taichi Hoshimiya
  • Image of Rei Kamishiro
  • Image of Yui Kozakura
  • Image of Aina Nakatani
  • Image of Saki Totsuka
  • Image of Mako Kondou
  • Image of Harumi Sano
  • Image of Chiharu Inagaki
  • Image of Chimaki Mochida
  • Image of Himari Otowa
  • Image of Haruko Kotoyo
  • Image of Yuna Nakayama
  • Image of Kino Kurihayashi
  • Image of Miki Koike
  • Image of Suzu Shinoda
  • Image of Tomomi Miyakouji
  • Image of Noriko Mikimoto
  • Image of Mirai Amane
  • Image of Nino Nishijima
  • Image of Rina Tokiwa
  • Image of Juri Uchida
  • Image of Nanami Shibata
  • Image of Shun Imai
  • Image of Ritsu Karasumaru
  • Image of Momo Miyauchi
  • Image of Yumeka Sendou
  • Image of Hibari Katsumata
  • Image of Wakaba Kuze
  • Image of Konatsu Hayase
  • Image of Chiyo Nonomiya
  • Image of Mei Nozaki
  • Image of Homare Sakuradamon
  • Image of Tamako
  • Image of Rika
  • Image of Holmy
  • Image of Jun Naruse
  • Image of Kurumi Mori
  • Image of Eiha
  • Image of Ibuki
  • Image of Akira Natsume
  • Image of Sango Miura
  • Image of Nana Yuzuki
  • Image of Matsuri Kujou
  • Image of Diane Luc Elbatos Fontaine
  • Image of Haneru Inaba
  • Image of Megu
  • Image of Miwa Satsuki
  • Image of Akane Mimori
  • Image of Arisa Mizukoshi
  • Image of Mitsuru Nagahama
  • Image of Bishounen Kaijin
  • Image of Kentarou Seto
  • Image of Reo Mibuchi
  • Image of Koujirou Furuhashi
  • Image of Hiroshi Yamazaki
  • Image of Hinaki Shinjou
  • Image of Shion Kamiya
  • Image of Vivian
  • Image of Kathi Lee
  • Image of Gray
  • Image of Gurkinn
  • Image of McGinty
  • Image of Keaton
  • Image of Professor Augustine Sycamore
  • Image of Lindsay
  • Image of Eddie
  • Image of Miette
  • Image of Michie Matsumoto
  • Image of Natsuki Nakagawa
  • Image of Riko Nakase
  • Image of Choko
  • Image of Aoi Kohinata
  • Image of Chester
  • Image of Michiko Verxina
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  • Image of Ryu Lion
  • Image of Kye
  • Image of Jay
  • Image of Ivan Perepelkina
  • Image of Shokichi Komachi
  • Image of Alex Kandori Stewart
  • Image of Kou Honda
  • Image of Joseph Gustav Newton
  • Image of Yuri Nikaidou
  • Image of Kanan Chinami
  • Image of Junichirou Kagami
  • Image of Jina Purpleton
  • Image of Irish
  • Image of Maria Higashio
  • Image of Kyousuke Haga
  • Image of Natsuki Koshimizu
  • Image of Fumimaro Ayanokouji
  • Image of Kaoru Kouda
  • Image of Tamanosuke Itou
  • Image of Kenji Hagiwara
  • Image of Midori Megure
  • Image of Fusae Campbell

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Shizuno Urushibara Ryuushima 09:54 am

HNNNNGG, this girl is so sweet and beautiful. After the rushed anime I really want to read the light novel for more Shizuno awesomeness but unfortunately it is not translated yet. Also her black dress = HNNNNGG

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Date A Live Ryuushima Mar 26, 2015

Good point, I did not actually see the Yandere tag on her profile. Removed it right away.
Those tags sound nice, let me think about it for a bit before adding them though. I hate putting peoples personalities in boxes. Though I obviously agree Kurumi is not a normal girl xD


5 5 Star Hell Girl Mar 26, 2015 / Mar 26, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

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11:42 am
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11:41 am
Who is this? View #16999
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11:41 am
Who is this? View #16998
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08:43 am
What anime is this? View #16997
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06:22 am
Who is this? View #16996
[ Replies: 2]

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<Ryuushima> ye really looking forward to the expansion, new profession/class the Revenant, loads of subclasses including druid and finally guildhalls xD

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<Rei> Plus it's one of those buy once, play forever games.

Expansion must be coming out soon then ... they might discount it again in a bundle with it

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