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Hisoka Seiren Oct 3, 2015

He is the definition of "not sure if I wanna bang him or run away... far away".

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Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica (Series) Anonymous Oct 1, 2015

This Place is set in the Industrial Wasteland. But Everything is Made by Economics that Manufacturing Products and stored in these containers and delivered in Stores and Warehouses. Where this Industrial Area provide with Smog that causes Air pollution. On the other head, Modern Factories will replace the smokestacks that will be safe and cleaner as in the 20th Century.


3 3 Star Makura no Danshi Oct 3, 2015 / Oct 3, 2015 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long
Yesterday 11:21 pm
Who is this? View Image JPEG
Yesterday 11:12 pm
Who is this? View Image
Yesterday 09:45 pm
Who is this? View Image JPG
Yesterday 09:45 pm
Who is this? View Image PNG
Yesterday 09:17 pm
would it be possible if can get all the names please? View Image

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Rei asks

Who would win in a fight?


Izayoi Sakamaki

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Oct 2, 2015
<Rei> Hi

Oct 2, 2015
<jade15> hello

Oct 2, 2015
<Rei> The VA tab for series now has more info

For each character, it'll pull up the last 7 characters ordered by page rank that the VA did

Oct 1, 2015
<Rei> Awesome! I'm happy to hear that Wings. Cirno picked a great one to make a banner for

Oct 1, 2015
<AmaterasuWings> OMG love the new banner, it's one of my favorite anime!

Sep 30, 2015
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