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Hinagiku Katsura
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Giselle Anonymous

ilove you

04:25 am

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Elfen Lied Gea

Bloodiest opening ever! But I guess that´s what happens when you have been suffering through a lot of pain in those experiments done by sick and sadistic people. I give it a 10/10. This is definitely one of the best series I have ever watched. But be warned, it includes a lot of blood, gore and other stuff that might be offensive to you.

Yesterday 08:09 pm


10 10 Star Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Sep 5, 2014 / Sep 5, 2014 by nosgothian Review length: Long

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05:22 am
<Akikojam> Koneko's dere mode is what I'm looking forward to, but probably I'm waiting for Ravel to join even more. And, naturally, more scenes for everyone that's already there

05:20 am
<Akikojam> It's a bit of a pity Phoenix's harem got kinda forgotten after they defeated it. It had some nice characters in it. The most important one, Ravel, is not forgotten though, which is nice, but she wasn't exactly a harem member

05:19 am
<Ryuushima> at the end, everything can be cut other than the Koneko dere mode. nuf said

05:18 am
<Ryuushima> true they will cut out a lot of stuff, but even then it has a lot of potential since almost everything that happens is epic. Sure you will hear me complain about cut out stuff most likely but the stuff they won't cut probably more than makes up for it

05:18 am
<Akikojam> Damn fingers, Y U NO type properly?

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Sep 16, 2014
<13x31> Woo!

Sep 16, 2014
<Rei> We did it! 70,000+ Characters!

Many thanks to everyone who has uploaded characters, and thanks to our character moderators Li, Mitsu and Wings ^_^

Sep 11, 2014
<Rei> We'll miss you Feli. I hope you can take care of things, and return soon. Best of luck ^^

Sep 11, 2014
<Hetalia_Italy> I know I'm not very active already, but I'm going to be away for a while. Gotta get some things fixed and settle some personal problems.

Sep 6, 2014
<Rei> Looks like we're just 45 characters away from 70,000

Sep 3, 2014
<8SummerMemories> Your welcome

Sep 3, 2014
<yidry> ok,thanks 8SM

Sep 2, 2014
<8SummerMemories> yidry, for COTD each member can vote for a max of 5 characters

Sep 2, 2014
<yidry> How many, characters of the day, can be put?

Sep 1, 2014
<Ryuushima> Thanks

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