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Hinagiku Katsura
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Levi Kazama Pureshadow

I know nothing of this series, but just her appearance makes me interested in her.

05:55 pm

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Negima!? Akikojam

You say harem, but in fact there's only like 2-3 girls that are actually in love with him, the rest are just his students. Also, if Koihime anime didn't exclude Kazuto from it, it'd be a harem with over 50 heroines in it.

Yesterday 12:35 pm


10 10 Star Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Sep 5, 2014 / Sep 5, 2014 by nosgothian Review length: Long

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Gea asks

If you where lost in a town you know nothing about, who would you rather have as a guide?
(And probably also be friends with)

Misuzu Kamio

Hayami Kohinata

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Re:Who is this character?
Arigato ;) i'm gonna search for that game
Posted by TheAnimer
Mon 2:28 PM

Re:Who is this character?
She is [url=[more ...]
Posted by Eiki-sama
Mon 2:22 PM

Who is this character?
I found this pic when i was on facebook and i am c[more ...]
Posted by TheAnimer
Mon 2:06 PM

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06:50 pm
<Akikojam> Yup, that's why I pointed it out. All those fetishes are only effective when they are worn by an awesome heroine. In other words, screw Emilitia wearing goth loli, not interested.

06:49 pm
<Ryuushima> anyway nothing much to do now and I am getting sleepy anyway so might as well just head to bed. Still didn't play the final routes of Harukoi but it will come eventually. And after that it's finally time for some good visual novels I've had downloaded for ages.
Anyway I'm out, ciaosu

06:48 pm
<Ryuushima> at the end we might like some things more than others but almost everything is hot with the right girl wearing it.

06:47 pm
<Akikojam> Yeah, I probably haven't listed even a half of them. And that's just outfit fetishes, not trait or personality ones

06:47 pm
<Ryuushima> I won't even get started about fetishes xD

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Sep 16, 2014
<13x31> Woo!

Sep 16, 2014
<Rei> We did it! 70,000+ Characters!

Many thanks to everyone who has uploaded characters, and thanks to our character moderators Li, Mitsu and Wings ^_^

Sep 11, 2014
<Rei> We'll miss you Feli. I hope you can take care of things, and return soon. Best of luck ^^

Sep 11, 2014
<Hetalia_Italy> I know I'm not very active already, but I'm going to be away for a while. Gotta get some things fixed and settle some personal problems.

Sep 6, 2014
<Rei> Looks like we're just 45 characters away from 70,000

Sep 3, 2014
<8SummerMemories> Your welcome

Sep 3, 2014
<yidry> ok,thanks 8SM

Sep 2, 2014
<8SummerMemories> yidry, for COTD each member can vote for a max of 5 characters

Sep 2, 2014
<yidry> How many, characters of the day, can be put?

Sep 1, 2014
<Ryuushima> Thanks

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