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Ken Kaneki Anonymous 12:47 am

tres bien, kaneki kuuuun

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Ranma ½ Anonymous 01:14 am

@ little princess, it does not necessarily means its her. kagome is a different character, as all the creation of Rumiko is different, so happened, everyone also looks the same.. kagome may not be so liked very much, but its still a different character. kagome looks more like the maison ikkuko cast, kyoko. and goddai looks like ranma,tofu, hojo(the classmate of Kagome who likes her). ranma resembles and looks like inuyasha, Goddai. even rinne resembles ranma girl. kyoko- looks like kagome, kasumi, kikyo, akane with a longer hair (and this are all main protagonist, main characters). and yes, this are all rumiko's work. no wonder they all look the same. actually, Kagome looks like Kyoko. and said that she is kikyo. ranma looks like Inuyasha, goddai )... so yeah.. those are the main protagonist. not an extra supporting character. the heck... they all look exactly the same actually. like all the main protagonist, main protagonist looks are just going in shuffling circles and all looked the same.


6 6 Star Princess Resurrection Feb 26, 2015 / Feb 26, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

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<LiCobra> brb, gotta go to stops

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<OMGasm> nice

01:20 am
<LiCobra> He's totally kickass in this season. So happy about it too

01:19 am
<OMGasm> which is why i bought some art of him back at supanova last year xD

01:18 am
<LiCobra> Granola have you watched any of KnB? Because Kise is my new all time fave. He's so boss


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<OMGasm> btw rei, if you never noticed with the offline timer...
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