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Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins

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Guild Crest VOCALOID
Guild Crest 1080p(+) WALLPAPER
Guild Crest Arche Age
Guild Crest Final Fantasy XIV
Guild Crest Sea of Sorrows, Guild Wars 2
Guild Crest Blade and Soul (China)
Guild Crest Blade and Soul (N.A.)
Guild Crest Hero's Guild
Guild Crest Oppai Appreciation Guild
Guild Crest Zagen's crazy life

About Me

Now that I am in my 30's, and have dedicated my life for some time now to the pursuit of wisdom, I would like to give back some of the lessons I have learned that enable me to stay strong and continue forward.

Do you feel guilty doing something you enjoy? Watching anime, playing games?
What if we look at this a different way. How would you feel about someone who spent their life doing what they enjoyed?
Don't feel guilty, be happy doing whatever it is you enjoy!

Do not fall for the false prophet of Basic Economics ! This hypocrite will tell you "time = money" and you must spend your time doing only profitable things, and to not waste your time. Have you ever examined closely, such a person's life? You must follow them every second, and judge every second of their life to the same standard they carelessly judge you - and you will find they waste far more of their time than you. If they are not a complete idiot, they will understand spending the majority of your time relaxing, resting, doing what you enjoy - enables you to accomplish the most in the time you are engaged in 'profitable uses of your time'.

There is only one gift we are all given in this life - and that is out time. We each have a beginning, and until proven otherwise we all have an end (always the optimist for immortality. haha). The only thing in between that is our time. Spend your time without regret. Have faith everything is as it is meant to be. Everything will happen at precisely the moment it was meant to happen.

Discover your nature and be true to it. Unhappiness is caused by deviating from your nature. Happiness exists in abundance closest to your nature.

Other Info

Nickname Asura
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Main Award Over 9000 Characters Award
Guild Rank All Powerful Sorcerer Admin Level 9999 (389)
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Joined May 24, 2007
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Status / Mood Making ACDB The Greatest Anime Site on the Internet!
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