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The question is what and how
much he knows exactly...

- Hendrickson



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Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Touhou Project

Guild Member of

Guild Crest Touhou Project
Guild Crest Hero's Guild
Guild Crest The Hakurei Axis
Guild Crest 𝒰𝓁𝓉𝒾𝓂𝒢𝓉𝑒 π’ͺπ“‰π’Άπ“€π“Š'π“ˆ
Guild Crest Oppai Appreciation Guild
Guild Crest Twintails Lovers
Guild Crest The Church of Poi
Guild Crest Flat is JUSTICE!
Guild Crest Treasure Hunter's Guild
Guild Crest FOODIES

About Me

I am the Bone of my Guild
Pearls are my Body and Diamonds are my Blood.
I have Opened over a Thousand Chests,
Unknown to Sleep,
Nor known to the Scroll Bar.
Have withstood Pain to collect many Cards
Yet those Rubies will never Amount to Anything.
So, as I Pray--
Unlimited Treasure Works

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.


Hell does not exist to punish sinners. Hell exists to ensure that no-one sins.


Other Info

Nickname Eiki
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Main Award 2 Star S-Class Treasure Hunter 40,000 Found
Guild Rank Fleet Admiral Admin Level 10 (378)
User ID 25241
Last Seen 1 hour(s) 10 minute(s) 47 second(s) ago
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4218842 page views!
Joined Apr 11, 2014
Location The frozen side of Hell
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Gender Hideyoshi
Age Surviving
Status / Mood Come now, and walk the path of explosions with me!
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Capture Game Award: 3k Captures
Capture Game Award: 1st Capture
Capture Game Award: 3 Captures
Capture Game Award: 100 Captures
Capture Game Award: 250 Captures
Capture Game Award: 500 Captures
Capture Game Award: 1k Captures
Capture Game Award: 1.5k Captures
Series QUIZ Game Award: 1000 Points
Series QUIZ Game Award: 500 Points
Series QUIZ Game Award: 250 Points
Series QUIZ Game Award: 100 Points
Series QUIZ Game Award: First Point
2 Star S-Class Treasure Hunter 40,000 Found
Expert QUIZ Game Award: 10,000 Points
Top Hunter of the Month
1 Star S-Class Treasure Hunter 20,000 Found
Treasure Hunter 10,000 Found
25 Characters Award
"Dice Game Mastery" Award 50 Pearls
Dice Game Award 25 Pearls
Dice Game Award 10 Pearls
Dice Game Award 5 Pearls
Dice Game Award 1 Pearl
Dice Game Award 50dmds Winnings
Expert QUIZ Game Award: 5000 Points
Treasure Hunter 5000 Found
Expert QUIZ Game Award: 2500 Points
QUIZ Game Award: 1000 Points
QUIZ Game Award: 500 Points
QUIZ Game Award: 250 Points
Treasure Hunter 2500 Found
QUIZ Game Award: 100 Points
QUIZ Game First Point
Treasure Hunter 1000 Found
Treasure Hunter 500 Found
Treasure Hunter 250 Found
Treasure Hunter 100 Found
Treasure Hunter 50 Found
Treasure Hunter 25 Found
Treasure Hunter 10 Found
Treasure Hunter 5 Found
Treasure Hunter 1 Found



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The question is what and how
much he knows exactly...

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