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Is there something on my face?

- Gabriel White Tenma



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Guild Crest Lily's Petals
Guild Crest 𝒰𝓁𝓉𝒾𝓂𝒢𝓉𝑒 π’ͺπ“‰π’Άπ“€π“Š'π“ˆ
Guild Crest Touhou Project
Guild Crest Oppai Appreciation Guild
Guild Crest The French Guild

About Me

Hi Mina-san!
I'm Mearyuh, but you can call me Mew. ^^
My real name is LΓ©a, and I'm a girl.
I'm French (No, I don't eat snails or frog legs!!! XDDD) and I'm 14. I'm still learning English, so it's possible that I make mistakes. x)
I have curly blond hair and green eyes (with a little blue, as my oto-san Tiwa XD .And no, he's not my real father, just a friend XD), I am pretty small (well it's normal for my age xDD) and I wear black glasses.
I watch animes for almost 2 years, and I looooooove yuri.


My favorites animes are :

1 - Steins;Gate
2 - Strawberry Panic
3 - Chuunibyou
4 - Durarara!!
5 - Black Rock Shooter
6 - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
7 - Toradora!
8 - Black Butler
9 - Grisaia
10 - K-ON!

And my favorites characters are :

1 - Shizuma Hanazono
2 - Chikane Himemiya
3 - Matsuri Mizusawa
4 - Esdeath
5 - Kazuki Kazami
6 - Flandre Scarlet
7 - Tokisaki Kurumi
8 - Mirei Shikishima
9 - Lucy (Elfen Lied)
10 - Sakurako Kujou

But my favorite manga of all time is Citrus!


Here is my anime list :

See you next time!


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TiwaLeChaton is my Oto-san... :3 And Blazeon also.
Fiinal is my Onii-chan... :'D

I'm the goddess of Yuri. And the mistress of the guild "Lily's Petals". Γ©.Γ¨


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Is there something on my face?

Gabriel White Tenma
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