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Last watched: Jun 18, 2012

The Qwaser of Stigmata

Last watched: Jun 18, 2012


Last watched: Jun 18, 2012


Last watched: Jun 16, 2012


Last watched: Jun 15, 2012

Book Girl

Last watched: Jun 14, 2012

First Squad (aka Первый отряд, Perviy otryad)

Last watched: Jun 14, 2012

Kampfer / Kämpfer

Last watched: Jun 8, 2012


Last watched: Jun 8, 2012

Squid Girl

Last watched: Jun 8, 2012


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Yato Anonymous

im so in love with yato *u*

Yesterday 11:54 pm

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Hunter x Hunter (Series) DeKnijff

Well I don't really mind if people get the wrong idea but thanks for your concern. But I've never seen a rape scene in a Shounen so I was wondering what it might look like. I wasn't really looking forward to the actual rape to be honest especially if it's a character I like. That would just be like Mirai Nikki all over again.

Yesterday 11:45 am


7 7 Star Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Oct 21, 2014 / Yesterday 03:50 pm by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long

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Paine, Rikku, Yuna from FFX-2


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<Shadow_labrys> .card

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Dec 17, 2014
<dineshpaul> hi !, anime loverssss <3

Dec 13, 2014
<8SummerMemories> You're welcome =)

Dec 13, 2014
<Sirito> Thank you

Dec 13, 2014
<8SummerMemories> Hello Sirito, welcome to ACDB.

Dec 13, 2014
<Sirito> Hi I new here and I really love anime💗

Dec 8, 2014
<Rei> Anime Lists can now be made by members ~

details in news

Dec 6, 2014
<DaZEROrk> I put SSS cards for 7Pearls

Nov 30, 2014
<Rei> Konichiwa tamako-chan ! ^_^

Nov 29, 2014
<tamakochan> Hiiii minnasannnnn
I'm new here!!!!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Nov 24, 2014
<Rei> Added character count information to seasons in case anyone is interesting in uploading characters to series with less than 10 characters warnings

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