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Ayato Kamina

VA : Chris Patton

  • Image of Oboro
  • Image of Kyosuke Tsutsumi
  • Image of Haruka
  • Image of Yuto K. Steel
  • Image of Hiroshi Kawamoto
Ayato Kamina

VA : Hiro Shimono

  • Image of Ikuto Touhouin
  • Image of Hiro
  • Image of Daichi Negishi
  • Image of Hiro Hirono
  • Image of Yuuichirou Tajima
Megumi Shitou

VA : Ayako Kawasumi

  • Image of Kaori Misaka
  • Image of Saber
  • Image of Kazumi Yoshida
  • Image of Shizuru Hibara
  • Image of Kanako Ohno
Megumi Shitou

VA : Hilary Haag

  • Image of Fuuko Ibuki
  • Image of Mari Wakatake
  • Image of Kirschwasser
  • Image of Kaori Izumi
  • Image of Chloe
Quon Kisaragi

VA : Kira Vincent-Davis

  • Image of Eruruu
  • Image of Minagi Tohno
  • Image of Kyoko
  • Image of Rino Randou
  • Image of Ayumu Kasuga
Quon Kisaragi

VA : Houko Kuwashima

  • Image of Tomoyo Sakagami
  • Image of Leele Zeravire
  • Image of Miyako Miyazaki
  • Image of Shuurei Hong
  • Image of Christy Aurelian
Reika Mishima

VA : Maaya Sakamoto

  • Image of Mishio Amano
  • Image of Shiki Ryougi
  • Image of Tomoyo
  • Image of Lunamaria Hawke
  • Image of Pandora
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