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Character Voice Actor
Akito Tenkawa

VA : Spike Spencer

  • Image of Rolo Lamperouge
  • Image of Takuma Ichijou
  • Image of Shinji Ikari
  • Image of Jack Hamilton
  • Image of Papilion
Akito Tenkawa

VA : Yuuji Ueda

  • Image of Tact Mayers
  • Image of Keitaro Urashima
  • Image of Law
  • Image of Hajime Shibata
  • Image of Akihisa Kobayashi
Yurika Misumaru

VA : Houko Kuwashima

  • Image of Tomoyo Sakagami
  • Image of Leele Zeravire
  • Image of Miyako Miyazaki
  • Image of Shuurei Hong
  • Image of Christy Aurelian
Ruri Hoshino

VA : Kira Vincent-Davis

  • Image of Eruruu
  • Image of Minagi Tohno
  • Image of Kyoko
  • Image of Rino Randou
  • Image of Ayumu Kasuga
Ruri Hoshino

VA : Omi Minami

  • Image of Euphemia li Britannia
  • Image of Hansel
  • Image of Kotaro Mochizuki
  • Image of Akiru Yuuki
  • Image of Professor Sagami
Megumi Reinard

VA : Naoko Takano

  • Image of Kohaku
  • Image of Midori Toyama
  • Image of Shelley Maycraft
  • Image of Megumi Reinard
  • Image of Sayaka Kurihara
Megumi Reinard

VA : Jenni Strader

  • Image of Megumi Reinard
  • Image of President X

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