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Mahiro Atori

VA : Kousuke Okano

  • Image of Kizarov von Rosenberg
  • Image of Yashima
  • Image of Aozaru
  • Image of Kaname Takasato
  • Image of Mahiro Atori
Mahiro Atori

VA : Greg Ayres

  • Image of Jun Kitagawa
  • Image of Hayashida Heihachi
  • Image of Toga Tenkuji
  • Image of Hiro Hirono
  • Image of Takaya Abe
Takuma Onizaki

VA : Tomokazu Sugita

  • Image of Soldum Seldor
  • Image of Jeure
  • Image of Kyon
  • Image of Howlingstar
  • Image of Toru Kagami
Takuma Onizaki

VA : Andrew Love

  • Image of Akio Furukawa
  • Image of Louis Virgil
  • Image of Sakamoto Ryouma
  • Image of Tadashi Karino
  • Image of Yuuya Daigo
Tamaki Kasuga

VA : Emily Neves

  • Image of Kotomi Ichinose
  • Image of Reiri Kamura
  • Image of Yuyama Kakunojou
  • Image of Hitomi Landsknecht
  • Image of Yukie Mayuzumi
Tamaki Kasuga

VA : Marie Miyake

  • Image of Tamaki Kasuga
  • Image of Ringo Oginome
  • Image of Suzu Kumagai
  • Image of Ami Kirino
  • Image of So Min
Yuuichi Komura

VA : Daisuke Namikawa

  • Image of Benawi
  • Image of Lucif
  • Image of Eigetsu / Yogetsu To
  • Image of Touma Shikura
  • Image of Galahad Eiger
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