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Character Voice Actor
Kanu Unchou

VA : Hitomi Nabatame

  • Image of Nanaka Shirakawa
  • Image of Kaguya Kagura
  • Image of Kagura
  • Image of Rea Himuro
  • Image of Shizuma Hanazono
Kanu Unchou

VA : Hiroe Oka

  • Image of Tsurara
  • Image of Kanu Unchou
  • Image of Koudai Chinkyu
Kanu Unchou

VA : Rachel Robinson

  • Image of Kanu Unchou
  • Image of Zorin Blitz
  • Image of Lidvia Lorenzetti
  • Image of Sakura Oogami
  • Image of Yuki Mizushima
Ryofu Housen

VA : Akeno Watanabe

  • Image of Dori
  • Image of Gura
  • Image of Akane Kawashima
  • Image of Akira Anton Masiba
  • Image of Iera Hamon
Ryofu Housen

VA : Zarah Little

  • Image of Kosame
  • Image of Tsubasa
  • Image of Ryofu Housen
  • Image of Mayahuel
  • Image of Makoto Uozaki
Hakufu Sonsaku

VA : Masumi Asano

  • Image of Nanako Saitama
  • Image of Najimi Osana
  • Image of Yukari Hirai
  • Image of Ryo Tanabe
  • Image of Hiyono Yuizaki
Hakufu Sonsaku

VA : Carrie Savage

  • Image of Azuma Satori
  • Image of Kaede Fuyou
  • Image of Priscilla
  • Image of Solty Revant
  • Image of Crea Dolosera

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