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Character Voice Actor
Yumiko Sakaki

VA : Ryoko Tanaka

  • Image of Efanatika
  • Image of Kyouko Houin
  • Image of Yumiko Sakaki
  • Image of Migijiyorou & Hidarijiyorou
  • Image of Lyra Feriade
Amane Suou

VA : Hiroko Taguchi

  • Image of Sora Kasugano
  • Image of Amane Suou
  • Image of Miyako Miyamura
  • Image of Hiromi Sakura
  • Image of Suzuna Kuraki
Makina Irisu

VA : Tomoe Tamiyasu

  • Image of Rin Natsume
  • Image of Nanase Hideki
  • Image of Nagi Everbright
  • Image of Yunesu Raidora
  • Image of Makina Irisu
Sachi Komine

VA : Ai Shimizu

  • Image of Charlotte
  • Image of Serafall Leviathan
  • Image of Sachi Komine
  • Image of Minawa Andou
  • Image of Elise Toudou
Yuria Harudera

VA : Erika Narumi

  • Image of Hannibal
  • Image of Haruna Kisugi
  • Image of Sylvia Van Hossen
  • Image of Mirai Renjou
  • Image of Yuria Harudera
Michiru Matsushima

VA : Kaori Mizuhashi

  • Image of Holy Mami
  • Image of Taeko Minazuki
  • Image of Minami Shimada
  • Image of Mifuyu_Kiba
  • Image of Serina
Yuuji Kazami

VA : Takahiro Sakurai

  • Image of Giyuu Tomioka
  • Image of Arataka Reigen
  • Image of Leon Kuwata
  • Image of Merlin
  • Image of Ferid Bathory
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