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VA : Yukari Tamura

  • Image of Michiru
  • Image of Mei Sunohara
  • Image of Mai Kawasumi
  • Image of Ranpha Franboise
  • Image of Sakura Yoshino

VA : Yukana

  • Image of Kotoko
  • Image of Lucino Lilie
  • Image of Reinforce Zwei
  • Image of Mashiro Blan de Windbloom
  • Image of Hannah Whitehouse
Takashi Ayanokoji

VA : Mitsuki Saiga

  • Image of Kuzaku Daijuuji
  • Image of Rossiu Adai
  • Image of Izan Kitagawa
  • Image of Jomy Marcus Shin
  • Image of Chie Hallard
Koboshi Uematsu

VA : Rie Kugimiya

  • Image of Kamyu
  • Image of Shanon
  • Image of Flame Haze Shana
  • Image of Eleonore Klein
  • Image of Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere
Kaoru Mitarai

VA : Sakura Nogawa

  • Image of Nemu Asakura
  • Image of Tsubomi Okuwata
  • Image of Nene Mikumo
  • Image of Luna Edomae
  • Image of Izumi Makihara
Hiroshi Mitarai

VA : Motoko Kumai

  • Image of Atla
  • Image of Sumomo
  • Image of Souta Suzukaze
  • Image of Kaoru Hanayama
  • Image of Syaoran Li
Kotarou Higuchi

VA : Miyuki Sawashiro

  • Image of Aruruu
  • Image of Mint Blancmanche
  • Image of Toto Sakigami
  • Image of Iina
  • Image of Reika Houjou
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