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Shiro Fujiwara

VA : Wataru Hatano

  • Image of Hitoshi Shinso
  • Image of Takumi Kubomura
  • Image of Junichi Nagase
  • Image of Takumi Kibukawa
  • Image of Sam Houston
Yonekuni Madarame

VA : Tomokazu Sugita

  • Image of Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Image of Kensei Muguruma
  • Image of Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Image of Kazuyoshi Usui
  • Image of Gintoki Sakata
Norio Tsuburaya

VA : Hiro Shimono

  • Image of Kokichi Ouma
  • Image of Dabi
  • Image of Anri Takakura
  • Image of Miki Kisaragi
  • Image of Miyoshi
Oushou Aogiri

VA : Hirofumi Nojima

  • Image of Yuusaku Kitamura
  • Image of Shun Izuki
  • Image of Takachiho Suginokoji
  • Image of Hayato Ike
  • Image of Cornell
Kunimasa Madarame

VA : Yoshihisa Kawahara

  • Image of Koreyuki Tani
  • Image of Glo Xinia
  • Image of Biggs
  • Image of Taiki Uchida
  • Image of Takashi Mikado

VA : Koji Yusa

  • Image of Hakutaku
  • Image of Renzou Shima
  • Image of Lau
  • Image of Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Image of Tomohiro Miyoshi
Teruhiko Kumakashi

VA : Jin Domon

  • Image of Takao Hiyama
  • Image of Lucien Debray
  • Image of Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi
  • Image of Teruhiko Kumakashi
  • Image of Merry
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