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Character Voice Actor
Atsuko Maeda

VA : Sasha Paysinger

  • Image of Aruruu
  • Image of Shin
  • Image of Seina Katsura
  • Image of Lilie
  • Image of August
Kanata Shinonome

VA : Haruka Ishida

  • Image of Miu Iruma
  • Image of Bianchi Tepes
  • Image of Kanata Shinonome
  • Image of Yuuki Aoyama
  • Image of Genki Aoyama
Tomomi Itano

VA : Kana Ueda

  • Image of Rin Tohsaka
  • Image of Ishtar
  • Image of Rachel Alucard
  • Image of Skyla
  • Image of Alice
Suzuko Kanzaki

VA : Caitlynn French

  • Image of Shiro
  • Image of Miyu Edelfelt
  • Image of Mio Nishizono
  • Image of Ai Astin
  • Image of Matsurika Shinouji
Haruna Kojima

VA : Mamiko Noto

  • Image of Scathach
  • Image of Scathach (Assassin)
  • Image of Altera
  • Image of Satellizer el Bridget
  • Image of Tiffania Westwood
Kanata Shinonome

VA : Genevieve Simmons

  • Image of Mikoto Urabe
  • Image of Noriko Isobe
  • Image of Shiho Nishizumi
  • Image of Touka Takanashi
  • Image of Ryu Lion
Tomomi Itano

VA : Allison Sumrall

  • Image of Nakuru Narumi
  • Image of Saori Kido
  • Image of Margot Naito
  • Image of Choi Mochimazzi
  • Image of Sasami Sasasegawa

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