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Zoe Orimoto

VA : Michelle Ruff

  • Image of Yoko Littner
  • Image of Sinon
  • Image of Rukia Kuchiki
  • Image of Yuki Nagato
  • Image of Mira Dianus Artemina
Zoe Orimoto

VA : Sawa Ishige

  • Image of Zoe Orimoto
  • Image of Artemis
  • Image of Makoto Shido
  • Image of Ruri Kobayakawa
  • Image of Allison
Takuya Kanbara

VA : Junko Takeuchi

  • Image of Gon Freecss
  • Image of Tata
  • Image of Naruto Uzumaki
  • Image of Rei Kenzaki
  • Image of Lapis
Koichi Kimura

VA : Crispin Freeman

  • Image of Siegfried Schtauffen
  • Image of Shuda
  • Image of Kirei Kotomine
  • Image of Balmung
  • Image of Edo Genbatsu
Takuya Kanbara

VA : Michael Reisz

  • Image of Matt Ishida
  • Image of Mizuki
  • Image of Yamato Ishida
  • Image of Takuya Kanbara
  • Image of Rock Holmes
Koichi Kimura

VA : Kenichi Suzumura

  • Image of Crowley Eusford
  • Image of Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • Image of Takehisa Hinawa
  • Image of Korekiyo Shinguuji
  • Image of Haruto Kurosawa
Takuya Kanbara

VA : Dave Wittenberg

  • Image of Kakashi Hatake
  • Image of Teddie
  • Image of Kei Kusanagi
  • Image of Asuka Tachibana
  • Image of Henry Wong
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