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Kourin Tatsunagi

VA : Suzuko Mimori

  • Image of Kourin Tatsunagi
  • Image of Hinae Arimura
  • Image of Konomi Haruna
  • Image of Sora Takenouchi
  • Image of Shion Sumeragi
Kourin Tatsunagi

VA : Cheryl McMaster

  • Image of Kurapika
  • Image of Kourin Tatsunagi
  • Image of Natsuki Kruger
  • Image of Rio Kitagawa
  • Image of Rina Ishimori
Aichi Sendou

VA : Tsubasa Yonaga

  • Image of Nagisa Hazuki
  • Image of Narcy
  • Image of Ouriku
  • Image of Ren Mihashi
  • Image of Ki no Tsurayuki
Misaki Tokura

VA : Izumi Kitta

  • Image of Creo Brand
  • Image of Kaguya
  • Image of Tomoko Kuroki
  • Image of Aoi Katase
  • Image of Minami
Toshiki Kai

VA : Takuya Satou

  • Image of Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
  • Image of Midnight
  • Image of Dagmyer Mest
  • Image of Zombie
  • Image of Chihiro Kunisaki
Shingo Komoi

VA : Hiroyuki Yoshino

  • Image of Present Mic
  • Image of Sigurd Sveinsson Svarthaed
  • Image of Siebold
  • Image of Heisuke Toudou
  • Image of Kenji Sakurai
Naoki Ishida

VA : Tooru Nara

  • Image of Arion Matlock
  • Image of Jiraiya (young)
  • Image of Heita Yakabe
  • Image of Takanori Kageyama
  • Image of Dva

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