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Character Voice Actor
Yuu Sonoda

VA : Yuka Iguchi

  • Image of Maria Takayama
  • Image of Kaga
  • Image of Limalisha
  • Image of Tone
  • Image of Chinatsu Morikawa
Haruka Takayama

VA : Haruka Tomatsu

  • Image of Minamoto no Raikou
  • Image of Minamoto-no-Raikou (Lancer)
  • Image of Lala Satalin Deviluke
  • Image of Asuna Yuuki
  • Image of Zero Two
Yuzu Iizuka

VA : Megumi Toda

  • Image of Yuzu Iizuka
  • Image of Kii-tan
  • Image of Ayumu Maihama
  • Image of Hajime Shinoda
  • Image of Maria Totsuka
Kaede Ikeno

VA : Mai Fuchigami

  • Image of Miho Nishizumi
  • Image of Sadayo Kawakami
  • Image of Nagisa Shiota
  • Image of Mei-tan
  • Image of Maekawa
Shizuku Minami

VA : Hiromi Igarashi

  • Image of Yuri Alpha
  • Image of Seira Kokubyakuin
  • Image of Ryou Takaha
  • Image of Hina Takanashi
  • Image of Anzu Futaba
Kotone Noda

VA : Yuuka Aisaka

  • Image of Aika Tsube
  • Image of Kotone Noda
  • Image of Muse
  • Image of Usa-tan
  • Image of Hana Satou
Sumi Otokawa

VA : Momo Asakura

  • Image of Iroha Tamaki
  • Image of Rin Kazari
  • Image of Rona Pricipa O Lapanesta
  • Image of Sumi Otokawa
  • Image of Nagisa Kashiwagi

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