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VA : Shizuka Ishikawa

  • Image of Eimi Ooba
  • Image of Inari
  • Image of Kamui_Katsuragi
  • Image of Keita Isawa
  • Image of Sagin
Kumi Okazaki

VA : Mikoi Sasaki

  • Image of Neko
  • Image of Piyo-tan
  • Image of Royal Penguin
  • Image of Hercule 'Elly' Barton
  • Image of Hercule 'Elly' Barton
Misaki Tokura

VA : Izumi Kitta

  • Image of Creo Brand
  • Image of Suzu Saotome
  • Image of Cordelia Glauca
  • Image of Kaguya
  • Image of Tomoko Kuroki

VA : Shuuta Morishima

  • Image of Opera Kobayashi
  • Image of Rio Kikyou
  • Image of Shin_Nitta
  • Image of Eiji Nobunishi
  • Image of Opera Kobayashi
Chrono Shindou

VA : Mark Ishii

  • Image of Bellri Zenam
  • Image of Chrono Shindou
  • Image of Lev Haiba
  • Image of Takeshi Doi
  • Image of Dali
Shion Kiba

VA : Junya Enoki

  • Image of Yuuji Itadori
  • Image of Shu Kurenai
  • Image of Kazumasu Takigawa
  • Image of Hansel
  • Image of Red Blood Cell (AA2153)
Tokoha Anjou

VA : Emi Nitta

  • Image of Honoka Kousaka
  • Image of Malga Naruze
  • Image of Ricca Morizono
  • Image of Rikka Morizono
  • Image of Elsa Crucial
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