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VA : Hikaru Midorikawa

  • Image of Koga
  • Image of Souichi Tatsumi
  • Image of Kaito Wanijima
  • Image of Sui Minamito
  • Image of Ayato Sakamaki
Aina Kuronuma

VA : Yui Horie

  • Image of Belfast
  • Image of Chie Satonaka
  • Image of Siesta
  • Image of Miss Monochrome
  • Image of Janes

VA : Mikako Takahashi

  • Image of Rushuna Tendo
  • Image of Machi
  • Image of Fujio Himejima
  • Image of Sakuno Ryuzaki
  • Image of Yuzu Koyama

VA : Ken Takeuchi

  • Image of Guzman
  • Image of Lithuania
  • Image of Keita Suminoe
  • Image of Kakeru Ozawa
  • Image of Kio Kaidou

VA : Mitsuo Iwata

  • Image of Shotaro Kaneda
  • Image of Sodom
  • Image of Nicola Vacheron
  • Image of Antonio Tanaka
  • Image of Marchosias (Wolf form)

VA : Kana Ueda

  • Image of Rin Tohsaka
  • Image of Ishtar
  • Image of Rachel Alucard
  • Image of Skyla
  • Image of Alice
Megumi Fujita

VA : Mai Nakahara

  • Image of Yui Takamura
  • Image of Rena Ryuuguu
  • Image of Musashi
  • Image of Lamia
  • Image of Nagisa Furukawa
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