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Character Voice Actor
Sara Midorikawa

VA : Yuuki Wakai

  • Image of Maria von Messina
  • Image of Sara Midorikawa
  • Image of Leona West
  • Image of Miton
  • Image of Olga Suguri

VA : Nanami Yamashita

  • Image of Chifuyu Himeki
  • Image of Yui Ohtsuki
  • Image of Nanami Hisami
  • Image of Hacka Doll No. 3
  • Image of Pepper Taiyou
Anna Akagi

VA : Yuu Serizawa

  • Image of Meimei
  • Image of Youko Shiragami
  • Image of Aika Tenkuubashi
  • Image of Mayura Otomi
  • Image of Iroha Igarashi
Rinka Aoba

VA : Nanami Atsugi

  • Image of Martha Marientail
  • Image of Rinka Aoba
Emo Moegi

VA : Miyu Kubota

  • Image of Sophie Houjou
  • Image of Sister Lily
  • Image of Alice Corner
  • Image of Emo Moegi
Mirai Momoyama

VA : Koko Hayashi

  • Image of Mirai Momoyama
Mel Shindou

VA : Yuuka Morishima

  • Image of Mei
  • Image of Mel Shindou
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