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Character Voice Actor
Aoi Tomosato

VA : Asami Seto

  • Image of Charlotte Scherzen
  • Image of Raphtalia
  • Image of Chiyuki
  • Image of Kamoi
  • Image of Nobara Kugisaki
Chris Yukine

VA : Ayahi Takagaki

  • Image of Lisbeth
  • Image of Noe Isurugi
  • Image of Ferris Eris
  • Image of Chris Yukine
  • Image of Feldt Grace
Vanessa Diodati

VA : M・A・O

  • Image of Claire Harvey
  • Image of Iris
  • Image of Saraka Tsukai
  • Image of Raika Hino
  • Image of Yuuri Wakasa
Tsubasa Kazanari

VA : Nana Mizuki

  • Image of Hinata Hyuga
  • Image of Moka Akashiya (monster form)
  • Image of Alois Trancy
  • Image of Shinobu
  • Image of Ange
Akira Tachibana

VA : Toshihiko Seki

  • Image of Kall-Su
  • Image of Sakomizu
  • Image of Pope Sage
  • Image of Haloune
  • Image of Legato Bluesummers
Millaarc Cranstoun

VA : Aimi Terakawa

  • Image of Emanuela Pollarola
  • Image of Suiko Tatsunagi
  • Image of Yukari Nanahoshi
  • Image of Kasumi Toyama
  • Image of Kazumi Tokiwa
Miku Kohinata

VA : Yuka Iguchi

  • Image of Limalisha
  • Image of Maria Takayama
  • Image of Kaga
  • Image of Subaru Konoe
  • Image of Mirei Shikishima
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