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Ai Momoi

VA : Chiaki Takahashi

  • Image of Nanami Kanroji
  • Image of Sukune Takaya
  • Image of Ai Momoi
  • Image of Yua Kusunoki
  • Image of Kinako Mochizuki
Kaoruko Ichijou

VA : Yui Horie

  • Image of Ayu Tsukimiya
  • Image of Suzu
  • Image of Yume Asakura
  • Image of Kotori Shirakawa
  • Image of Naru Narusegawa
Kira Sakurazuki

VA : Yui Itsuki

  • Image of Ruka
  • Image of Kira Sakurazuki
  • Image of Miya Clochette
  • Image of Yoriko Yasuzumi
  • Image of Paula
Koi Chigusa

VA : Natsuko Kuwatani

  • Image of Yaya Nanto
  • Image of Ryoko Asakura
  • Image of Fuu Himuro
  • Image of Kuwahara-sensei
  • Image of Yae Shinatsuhiko
Mai Momoi

VA : Minako Sango

  • Image of Mai Momoi
Lala Hinagiku

VA : Yurika Ochiai

  • Image of Rulu Pureuri
  • Image of Konomi Yuzuhara
  • Image of Lala Hinagiku
  • Image of Keiko Takamura
  • Image of Mail Seagull
Lulu Hinagiku

VA : Shizuka Hasegawa

  • Image of Yukino
  • Image of Kotori Nenem Kinoshita
  • Image of Mary Nenem Kinoshita
  • Image of Lulu Hinagiku
  • Image of Nana
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