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Character Voice Actor
Tsugumi Aoba

VA : Miyuki Sawashiro

  • Image of Camilla
  • Image of Perrine Clostermann
  • Image of Mordred
  • Image of Sinon
  • Image of Elizabeth
Meguru Akiba

VA : Tetsuya Kakihara

  • Image of Gaul Galette des Rois
  • Image of Shin
  • Image of Sasuke Sarutobi
  • Image of Amaimon
  • Image of Ikuma Amaki
Lolikko Cutie

VA : Mako Sakurai

  • Image of Shiga
  • Image of Yurie Hitotsubashi
  • Image of Angelina Grand Maniel Chocola Julliangeli
  • Image of Kazumi Aihara
  • Image of Junko Mihara
Daitetsu Hibiki

VA : Takanori Hoshino

  • Image of Akira Shibuya
  • Image of Van
  • Image of Eiji Yagami
  • Image of Hayate
  • Image of Mitabi Jarnach
Anna Yoshida

VA : Ryouko Ono

  • Image of Airi Sena
  • Image of Kazuha Migiwa
  • Image of Gisele Olympiada
  • Image of Mirajane Strauss
  • Image of Airi Sena
Jin Mikuriya

VA : Hiro Shimono

  • Image of Kokichi Ouma
  • Image of Dabi
  • Image of Anri Takakura
  • Image of Miki Kisaragi
  • Image of Miyoshi

VA : Miho Miyagawa

  • Image of Kanako Tsutsutori
  • Image of Leysritt
  • Image of Akane Touka
  • Image of Kayo Touyama
  • Image of Tomoko Endou
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