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Tenma Tsukamoto

VA : Ami Koshimizu

  • Image of Yukari Kamishiro
  • Image of Hinako Kujyo
  • Image of Seo Moriizumi
  • Image of Nanaka Yatsushiro
  • Image of Asaka Kamiya
Tenma Tsukamoto

VA : Luci Christian

  • Image of Haruko Kamio
  • Image of Nagisa Furukawa
  • Image of Riku Mikumo
  • Image of Kirino Chiba
  • Image of Miyako Miyamura
Yakumo Tsukamoto

VA : Mamiko Noto

  • Image of Kotomi Ichinose
  • Image of Sakuya
  • Image of Mitsuki Shijyou
  • Image of Reiri Kamura
  • Image of Sayoko Mishima
Yakumo Tsukamoto

VA : Caitlin Glass

  • Image of Kaori Misaka
  • Image of Machina
  • Image of Nerine
  • Image of Winry Rockbell
  • Image of Triela
Eri Sawachika

VA : Yui Horie

  • Image of Ayu Tsukimiya
  • Image of Suzu
  • Image of Yume Asakura
  • Image of Kotori Shirakawa
  • Image of Naru Narusegawa
Eri Sawachika

VA : Leah Clark

  • Image of Saki Kurata
  • Image of Miyako Miyazaki
  • Image of Noah
  • Image of Eriy
  • Image of Kotoko
Kenji Harima

VA : Brandon Potter

  • Image of Gen Fudo
  • Image of Barrett
  • Image of Vincent Alzey
  • Image of Sven Vollfied
  • Image of Kenji Harima

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