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Rudy Sumeragi

VA : Yuuko Sanpei

  • Image of Souta Suzukaze
  • Image of Bressole
  • Image of Nozomi Yumehara
  • Image of Nakiami
  • Image of Hajime Yasaka
Rudy Sumeragi

VA : Dorothy Elias-Fahn

  • Image of Naru Narusegawa
  • Image of Dita
  • Image of Makoto Shido
  • Image of Kazuki Kazusano
  • Image of Chizuru Minamoto
Derek Watari

VA : Barbara Goodson

  • Image of Miboshi
  • Image of Laharl
  • Image of Iraga
  • Image of Pazu
  • Image of Naota Nandaba
Derek Watari

VA : Yuki Kaida

  • Image of Michael Schmidt
  • Image of Ayano Fujikawa
  • Image of Kurapika
  • Image of Kagari
  • Image of Taro Hanaukyo
Alba Cocodoro

VA : Todd Haberkorn

  • Image of Khamsin Nbh'w
  • Image of Kazuki Tachibana
  • Image of Yuuichirou Tajima
  • Image of Jenus Dira
  • Image of Kimihiro Watanuki
Alba Cocodoro

VA : Yuudai Satou

  • Image of Hiroki Komachi
  • Image of Moriya-Sensei
  • Image of Kunihiko Yagami
  • Image of Alba Cocodoro
Asuka Kami

VA : Yuuichi Iguchi

  • Image of Reedus Jonah
  • Image of Makoto_Ariga
  • Image of Hiroaki Uchimoto
  • Image of Guilio Di Bondone
  • Image of Souta Serizawa

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