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Character Voice Actor
Daruku Hoshino

VA : Kana Hanazawa

  • Image of Kobato Hasegawa
  • Image of Ruri Goko
  • Image of Charlotte Dunois
  • Image of Shiro
  • Image of Mikan Yuuki
Isshin Yuiga

VA : Kazuyuki Okitsu

  • Image of Taishiro Toyomitsu
  • Image of Kay
  • Image of Dietrich Cunitz
  • Image of Akiharu Hino
  • Image of Masaru Okui
Yuu Ibara

VA : Eri Suzuki

  • Image of Sanae Higashihongan
  • Image of Eren Kohagura
  • Image of Milinda Brantini
  • Image of Yuu Ibara
  • Image of Myoukou
Kagetora Tsurezure

VA : Yuuki Hayashi

  • Image of Denny Brosh
  • Image of Joe
  • Image of Hanzou Gouda
  • Image of Jude
  • Image of Kagetora Tsurezure
Yukihime Fugi

VA : Mamiko Noto

  • Image of Scathach
  • Image of Scathach (Assassin)
  • Image of Satellizer el Bridget
  • Image of Tiffania Westwood
  • Image of Rin Asogi
Shu Todomatsu

VA : Kousuke Toriumi

  • Image of Guido Mista
  • Image of Kurtis
  • Image of Lancelot
  • Image of Tetsuhiro Morinaga
  • Image of Hajime Mutsuki
Yurika Yumeji

VA : Kanae Itou

  • Image of Sena Kashiwazaki
  • Image of Nana Aster Deviluke
  • Image of Airi
  • Image of Ruiko Saten
  • Image of Eris
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