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closed ( Aug 20, 2018 ) Anonymous asks ...


Aug 20, 2018


I wonder if somone could help me? I don't have an image, I'm only going off memory based on the story. She's a personified sword, originally unable to wear sandles because she has no sheath (think it was something like that), the story is about a kid that gets this sword and finds out that some old swords have personalities and can transform. The kids family are possibly swordsmiths, or at least I think his father fixes a sword at one point. Pretty sure she has long hair. Think the manga was ecchi. Sorry if I can't be more specific, it's been years since I read it. It wasn't complete when I read it, I think scanlaters might have dropped it but could be wrong.


Aug 20, 2018

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Update (this is OP), the manga was Kandachime, the character Mumiyo


Aug 20, 2018

Seiken no Blacksmith ?
Main protag is a blacksmith, found a shapeshifting sword girl (long blonde hair). There is another shapeshifting weapon as well. I;m not sure about another point.

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