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open ( Jun 21, 2012 ) Anonymous asks ...

Jun 21, 2012

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Rise, Naoto and Teddie (playing some girl called Alice) from Persona 4

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Saitama SourNote2014 10:15 am

Oh, he's that guy played by Gianni Garko!

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STEINS;GATE SourNote2014 Nov 21, 2015

Rocks- punctuation- gate.


3 3 Star Makura no Danshi Oct 3, 2015 / Oct 3, 2015 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long
02:07 pm
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10:45 am
who's the girl at 0:02 View Image
09:47 am
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09:25 am
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Re:What this 8 Character come from (Manga or Anime name)?
Now I know Top Row 1. ------- 2. [b]Douraku Ut[more ...]
Posted by Bigimono
Fri 3:55 AM

Re:What this 8 Character come from (Manga or Anime name)?
Couldn't find much. Top Row: ??? ??? Al[more ...]
Posted by NuitTombee
Thu 9:23 PM

What this 8 Character come from (Manga or Anime name)?
[url=[more ...]
Posted by Bigimono
Thu 8:48 AM

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10:23 PM, Sat Nov 28 2015


09:29 pm
Anime Characters Database [King] Jumps from a 1000 Feet in the air to a building that on fire meeting Firehunter (im offline inbox me)

09:27 pm
<AniahLiepard> Or...... learn to at least

09:27 pm
<AniahLiepard> On an....... unrelated note...... I can make moving icons

09:27 pm
AniahLiepard gives Li a link

09:26 pm
<Eiki-sama> Aw man, I just found their DeviantArt account last month. I didn't even get to read all the comics yet. :/


Nov 26, 2015
<Rei> Hi King !

@Eiki i'm gald you like the feature ! bet your guild will be completing all the requests most days xD

Nov 26, 2015
<King> Hello :

Nov 26, 2015
<Eiki-sama> Thanks Rei, that's a great way to slowly cut down on my massive overstock of cards. XD

Nov 26, 2015
<Rei> Guild Request Boards are now active!

Good time to grab cards so you can turn them in at your favorite guilds

Nov 25, 2015
<PunkHazard> Hi card collectors, i've reduced the price of all my E/F ranked cards for sale. they are now 1 diamond or 1/2 diamond each.

Nov 25, 2015
<Ryuushima> Oppai Appreciation Guild canceled it's insane bid on Satellizer el Bridget so she is completely free now. If any guild wants her then now is your chance.

Nov 23, 2015
<Rei> *drops by King's lounge *

Nov 23, 2015

Nov 22, 2015
<King> So we can talk about a game you should but go to my lounge

Nov 22, 2015
<King> Rei go to my lounge called king


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