Rei Owner and Developer
Rei writes the code, administers the servers, and owns the website.
LiCobra Character Division Director
LiCobra sets the standards for character moderation and allowed content. Having added more than 10,000 characters, she is an expert at indexing characters and titles.
Mitsugu Character Division Department Head
Mitsugu handles character moderation, rules and standards enforcement.
Ryuushima Mini Games Department Head
Ryuushima maintains the integrity of Character VS matches, and validates votes for CHaracter of the Day/Week/Month competitions.
Akikojam Mini Games Department Head
Akikojam moderates cards, and is always available in the ML to answer site related questions.
Cirno Other Division Department Head
Cirno is our Executive Advistor. All major decisions have to meet her approval.
Hetalia_Italy Social Division Department Head
Hetalia_Italy keeps an eye on the sites social side. Enforcing rules, and keeping discussions civil.
AmaterasuWings Who Division Department Head
AmaterasuWings is our resident Who Board Expert. She can identify nearly any character!
CaptainBrain Development Division Department Head
CaptainBrain handles the Guild Member promotions.
13x31 General Division Department Head
13x31 lends a hand with testing new features, welcoming new members, and keeping an eye on the site as a whole.
OMGasm Social Division Admin
OMGasm is an admin we all seem to get along with!
TiwaLeChaton Social Division Moderator
TiwaLeChaton is a friendly moderator who helps new members learn the site.

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