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Pic CV Romaji Japanese Furigana Aliases
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/6291-246081298.jpg CV: Motoko Kumai Hiroshi Mitarai 御手洗 大
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/6291-1115958060.jpg CV: Sakura Nogawa Kaoru Mitarai 御手洗 薫
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/6291-1226523353.jpg CV: Rie Kugimiya Koboshi Uematsu 植松 小星
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/11498-1267585186.jpg CV: Miyuki Sawashiro Kotarou Higuchi 樋口湖太郎
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/6291-476938764.jpg CV: Yukari Tamura Misha 美紗
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/22401-1006198245.jpg CV: Akemi Okamura Sasha 早紗
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/6291-1883418182.jpg CV: Yukana Shia 紫亜
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/11498-1340724758.jpg CV: Taeko Kawata Shino Higuchi 樋口氏の
https://ami.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/6291-299004087.jpg CV: Mitsuki Saiga Takashi Ayanokoji 綾小路 天

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