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Pic CV Romaji Japanese Furigana Aliases
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-1038229828.jpg Elizabeth The 3rd Elly, Fur ball
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/41199-89360182.jpg CV: Yang Jeong Hwa Jaehee Kang
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-1861202503.jpg CV: Shin Yong-woo Jumin Han Cat mom, Trust fun kid,
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-1694750389.jpg Lisa Kitten
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/67712-1842337515.jpg Main Character
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-946744586.jpg CV: Lee Hyeon-jin Rika Savior
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-770666832.jpg CV: Kang Soo-jin Saeran Choi Ray, Unknown
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-361807316.jpg CV: Kim Yeong-seon Saeyoung Choi チェ・セヨン Luciel Choi, 707, Seven, 707 Defender of justice, God Seven,
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-1460477087.jpg CV: Lee Ho-San V Believer Number A306, Kim Jihyun
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-1236674414.jpg CV: Shim Gyu Hyuk Yoosung Kim Superman Yoosung, Guild Master Shooting Star
https://rei.animecharactersdatabase.com/uploads/chars/thumbs/200/42751-450244460.jpg CV: Kim Jang Zen Zen, Zenny

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