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Series Type Artist Song Tags Genre Notes
Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya Opening fripSide Two souls -toward the truth- pop
A Certain Scientific Railgun Opening fripSide Only My Railgun electronica
A Certain Scientific Railgun Opening fripSide LEVEL5-judgelight- electronica youtube
A Certain Scientific Railgun Opening fripSide Future Gazer electronica (ova opening)
Koihime Musou Ending fripSide Yappari sekaiha atashi☆legend!! electronica youtube
Ane wa Erokomi Henshuu-sha ~ Injuu Bukkake Nama Shidou ~ Opening fripSide Assenburu☆LOVE sannburu
Koihime Musou Opening fripSide Flower of Bravery electronica youtube
Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica The Black Opening fripSide Hurting Heart youtube
Scramble Heart Opening fripSide Refine Progress
Scramble Heart Opening fripSide Libration Crisis electronica youtube
Refrain Moon Opening fripSide Never No Astray electronica youtube
Before Dawn Daybreak ~Shinen no Utahime~ Opening fripSide Before Dawn DaybreaK electronica youtube
Refrain Moon Ending fripSide Tomorrow youtube
Twinkle Crusaders Ending fripSide Eternal Twinkle electronica youtube
Four Leaf Opening fripSide Transient Wind electronica youtube
Imouto ni! Sukumizu Kisetara Nugasanai! Opening fripSide Koniro ∞ Tokimeki!! youtube
Koibito doushi de Surukoto Zenbu Opening fripSide Koibito☆Accent!! youtube
Hayate the Combat Butler Opening fripSide Heaven is a place on earth movie opening
Twinkle Crusaders ~Passion Star Stream~ Opening fripSide Last Fortune electronica youtube
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Opening fripSide Sister's Noise electronica youtube
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Opening fripSide eternal reality electronica youtube
Black Bullet Opening fripSide Black Bullet electronica youtube
Future Card Buddyfight Opening fripSide Luminize electronica youtube
Ah My Goddess Opening fripSide Everlasting youtube
Areas ~Sora ni Utsusu Kimi to no Sekai~ Opening, Ending fripSide Closest love electronica youtube
D.C. III ~Da Capo III~ Opening fripSide endless memory~refrain as Da Capo~ youtube
from D.C. III R
White Graduation Opening fripSide Hesitation Snow electronica youtube
Koiken Otome Opening fripSide Sword of Virgin electronica youtube
Fortune on the Sixteenth Night Opening fripSide fortuna on the Sixteenth night electronica youtube
Fortune on the Sixteenth Night Ending fripSide With the Light electronica youtube
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