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Nobody's coming.

- Aqua

Anime Quotes

Don't waste your energy talking, Xin.
It'll just tire you out.
We'll reach the village in another three days.
Let's think of it as training.
I told you, think of it as training for when we break free from being servants.
An earth tremor?
Yeah! Xin, we'll become heroes in there!
You damn strong bastard!
All right! That gives me 333 wins, 332 loses, and 587 draws!
I'm one win up on you!
Someone's coming.
Huh? I got a hit in?
Moron, moron, moron, moron!
Look closely!
Those clothes and that carriage!
This guy's clearly from a pretty high-status family!
It does! You could be killed.
I don't blame you for being surprised.
I wouldn't expect someone of your stature to understand,
but we're orphans.
Of course, our parents didn't leave us anything.
Just these strong bodies.
Yes! As long as we can swing a sword, both Xin and I are satisfied!
That's right!
With the strength and technique we've developed together,
we'll gain great achievements!
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Nobody's coming.

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