Suzuno Kamazuki


My name is Kamazuki Suzuno. I have taken residence in the dwelling abreast your own.

Suzuno Kamazuki
The Devil is a Part-Timer!
The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Anime Quotes

#00 Prologue
You have one message, recorded on
January 31, 3:21 PM.
Next Time
Winter Days, A Fateful Night
"U.S. East Coast--outskirts of Portsmouth"
Graduating this angel school
at the top of her class,
Hey, don't joke like that!
The Fantasy MMORPG, Cross Reverie ,
Tenma Gabriel White.
In 2022, humanity has finally
CCG Base to 203,
And then...
is currently the most-played
game in the world.
The continent that lies on the ocean of Ignora, consisting of a large central island
trespassers reported in the 20th Ward at the Aqua Building.
Thank you for applying to our company.
We have unfortunately decided
not to hire you at this time.
Congratulations on your graduation.
"The Bugged Ones"
created a complete virtual environment.
Talents as great as yours
are rarely seen, even in Heaven.
In this game, there is only one person
known as a true Demon Lord.
I have to hurry, or Senpai will get mad!
The Shiva Lens has detected an abnormality!
A Village Out in the Boonies: Hage
with four other islands to the south, north, east, and west, watched over by the gods,
Wait up!
- Coordinates confirmed!
- Abnormal value rising!
Your future is bright.
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