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Geez! It's been three days already!
When're we gonna get home, dammit?!
You'd normally go by horse-drawn carriage for bags this heavy and a distance this far!
Are us servants lower than horses?
I know.
I get it, but...
What's this sound?
No! It's coming from over there!
Piao! Is this a real war?!
Watch it!
Not yet!
Over here, Piao!
You bastard!
Not yet!
Dammit! One more round!
You're open!
What're you lookin' at, old man?!
Like that matters!
That wasn't a fight, it was a match!
And because of you, I lost, old man!
This was our 1,253rd match, and now I have 332 wins, 334 losses, and 587 ties!
It's the first time in a year there's been a difference of two between us, goddammit!
He and I lost our parents in a war, and became slaves.
Now we've been picked up as servants!
But that's plenty!
For everything we lost from fighting, we'll take back with fighting!
As soon as we can, we'll enter a war and raise our military standing!
We'll make our way up from rock bottom and build our own house!
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