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Anime Quotes

How could a single human, even if they are a hero,
manage to corner us like this?!
For now, I shall grant you Ente Isla.
But I shall return.
And when I do, I will seize this continent and rule over you all!
Where are we?
Alsiel. We must find a place to recover.
These are...
human hands?!
Calm down, Alsiel.
Don't use magic carelessly.
Save your magic until we find out more about this world.
This appears to be some sort of wagon,
but one that does not need horses.
Khatsu... dum?
Animal meat, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in hot oil
with cooked, stirred-up eggs placed on top,
cooled and then reheated.
I need more information about this world.
Answer my questions.
I used hypnosis to gather some information about this world.
We are on a world called Earth,
in an island country called Japan.
This is its capital, known as Tokyo,
and this building is called a "police station."
The police force is one of the national agencies in charge of maintaining public order.
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Is ACDB worth nothing to you?
a letter from rei

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