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Hand over that charm to me now.

- Oda Nobunaga

Anime Quotes

What you just saw was an illusion!
This is a fairy!
It's all over!
You saw me practicing kisses!
I'll soon be the laughingstock
of the whole school,
and eventually the story
will be worldwide news!
I won't be able to live
anywhere on the planet!
Then, unable to withstand
the humiliation...
Mother, Father, forgive me for leaving this world before you!
I have no other choice.
Now that you've found out my secret,
I can't just let you leave.
I've always wanted to be in a relationship, so I've been training in secret!
Do you understand how I feel?
Then will you lend me a hand?
In love, the first meeting is crucial!
So I want to practice bumping into a guy at an intersection!
Here I go!
We can't bump into
each other if you dodge!
I thought having a real impact would make it more memorable.
I didn't mean it! It was supposed to go like...
I bump into the guy,
and my hair gets caught on his button.
Then he whispers to me,
"Your hair is so smooth and silky."
You sure don't mince words, but your pointers are really helpful.
You must be a love expert!
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