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Hey, you two on break!
What's wrong, Chi-chan?
That's "Kisaki-san" to you!
The shop's filling up.
Once your break's over, give it everything you've got!
This one's gonna decide who wins the current promotion.
I'm counting on you.
And try and keep those fries in their containers this time, Sasaki.
What's wrong?
Maou-kun, we need to talk.
Here I am.
Chill out. I'm not gonna bite your head off.
I got a call from the head office earlier.
Maou Sadao, as of today, you're promoted to a rank A employee.
As you well know, our soon-to-be arch enemy,
Sentucky Fried Chicken, will open a new store in the area tomorrow.
I'll be gone tomorrow afternoon. I'll leave the place in your hands, Maou-kun.
I'll make sure you can contact me in case of an emergency, of course,
but unless it's something of really grave importance, I'll leave the decisions up to you.
It's important for your
professional development as well.
You're working an easy shift today, but stay sharp.
Think of it as though your job as shift manager has already begun.
You should take your break now.
You can get something to eat if you can make it back before six.
Or did you want to eat here?
I can't believe this.
Customers have dropped by over 80% compared to yesterday.
Why does today have to be the day I report to corporate HQ?
One of my colleagues lost a fierce competition against a rival store and got sent off to Greenland!
You don't wanna go to Greenland, do you?
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