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- Isaac Foster

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You trying to play hero...
even though you don't have a Quirk, Deku?
Don't lump me with these guys.
There's no way I'm gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these losers!
Shut up, you bunch of nobodies!
That's exactly why you guys are nobodies!
I aced the mock test!
I'm the only one at this school who could possibly get into U.A.
I'll definitely surpass All Might and become the top hero!
My name'll be inscribed on the list of top earners!
Yo, Deku!
Forget the rejects! You're Quirkless!
How can you even try to put yourself on my level?!
Whaddaya mean, until you try?!
Are you taking the test for fun?!
What the hell can someone like you achieve?
You're Quirkless!
We're not done talking yet, Deku.
Most top heroes started making waves in their school days.
I want the notability of being the first student to make it into U.A. from this mediocre city junior high school.
I mean, I'm a perfectionist.
So just to be clear,
don't apply to U.A., nerd.
If you wanna be a hero that badly, there's a quick way to do it.
Believe that you'll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a dive off the roof!
What the hell can someone like you achieve?
You're Quirkless!
I-I came to the wrong place...
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