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Subaru? What's wrong?
That's enough.
Stop now, and I'll let this slide.
So just graciously return what you stole.
Now, please. It's important to me.
I'll give up on the other stuff,
but I can't let you have that.
Be good and hand it over, please.
What strange clothes he has...
If you asked me whether I had any
connection to him, I'd have to say no.
Hmm... They don't seem to be lying...
I need to go after her!
But regardless of that...
I can't overlook what's going on here.
You're right. Two against one may be unfair.
Correct. Back off now and
I won't come after you.
Decide quick. I'm in a hurry.
Don't move.
See? You averted your eyes because
you have a guilty conscience!
Looks like my judgment was spot-on.
You be quiet, Puck.
You know who stole my insignia
from me, don't you?
Huh? Wait, it can't be!
Did I really just come around the long way?
It's none of our business.
He won't die. We'll just leave him.
Yes, really.
I will not!
Absolutely not! I am not going to save him!
You're awake?
Don't get the wrong idea.
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