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Oh, he has awakened, Sister.
My, what a deadbeat thing to say.
Did you hear that, Sister?
How terrible. You are being violated
in our guest's mind, Sister.
Listen to this, Miss Emilia.
My dear sister was just violated by that man.
Yes, Miss Emilia. My sister is very sorry.
Miss Emilia...
Our lord, Master Roswaal, has returned.
Please come inside.
Yes, sir.
I do the cooking in this house.
My sister is not very good at cooking.
Yes, that is correct.
My sister excels at housework,
particularly cleaning and laundry.
No, I am generally good at all household tasks.
I am also better at cleaning
and laundry than my sister.
Our deepest apologies, sir. I mean, Subaru.
His shoulders are shaped funny, his legs
are short, and his eyes are scary?
I shall take your measurements. Stand still
and keep your back straight.
Please refrain from strange noises. It's unpleasant.
This is Rem. Do you have a moment, Subaru?
Your permission actually makes
you sound less credible.
Pardon me, then.
When it is Lord Roswaal's clothing,
my priority is to take care.
But since this is yours...
Combined with the rarity of gray clothes,
no one in any kind of strange
garment could rival you.
What shall we do with that?
I brought them. Shall I repair it now?
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