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Tamotsu! Above you!
It's not safe there.
Just a grunt...
Found you, Bugged One!
Reveal yourself!
That weird cosplay, you must be one of them!
Your physical abilities are superhuman!
Accept your fate!
Hey, wait, you Bug!
I see you often. But you're in my way.
Take your sister and run...
I told you, you're in my way!
I might not be able to save you next time!
Don't include me in
your little circle of villains...
Still so many...
Oh no!
I'm done for...
It's him!
Why did you come?!
What?! It can't be!
Why... Why would you...
What does that even mean?!
Hey! Can't you even finish your final words?!
I mean, no! You can't die! You can't die...
Not for someone like me...
It's okay. You will not die.

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