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Anime Quotes

Thank you, Sir.
Thank you, Tapris.
If you're ever lonely,
you can come visit me anytime.
Yes. It's reassuring to know
that you'll be there with me, Raphi.
This is the human world...
It's breathtaking.
Here, I'm going to become a great angel
who will lead people to happiness.
Hello, world!
Get back here!
And that's it for homework.
Goodness, humans lead such busy lives.
What was that voice?
It seems to be coming from here.
Oh, a video game?
Wow. So this is human entertainment.
This is another way
to learn about humans, isn't it?
Character creation?
Then I'll be a priest who heals others.
Are you okay?
I'll heal you right up.
C-Could he have discovered that I am?!
Yes! I'm on my way!
To think I could make them so happy...
Video games are magnificent things.
Now, I must help more people!
Huh? My magic isn't working.
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