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- Konata Izumi


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Whoa, I was about to get flattened...
Fuen's traps are nothing special.
I can't believe they're this skilled.
I can't handle him anymore.
Did I get him?
That won't work!
Damn you!
It's futile!
Scurrying about like that...
Earth Style! Stone Plate Coffin.
It's over.
I guess I can at least make him
a grave marker.
I had to work up a sweat
on account of that jerk Fuen.
You place too much confidence
in your own Jutsu.
You have to make sure
you've finished the job.
But what are they after?
After stealing the bodies,
they intentionally attract
attention in their escape...
Are they after one of us
from the Leaf?
If so, is Danzo involved?

It appears we totally got caught
in the enemy's Jutsu.
First, we must join up with the others.
I bet they evacuated to
some nearby location.
I'm off to find that awful jerk.
Just a minute!
There's no point to looking together.
For crying out loud.
So in the end,
everyone's scattered all over...
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