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This country is doomed already, isn't it?

- Stephanie Dola

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Yesterday was a tough one, wasn't it?
Yeah. But we can't afford to get complacent unless we wanna lose more of our customers to Sentucky.
You don't wanna go to Greenland, do you?
Substitute manager Maou Sadao!
Could you make your way to Fushima Park tomorrow?
Huh? Why?
We reached our sales target, didn't we?!
Huh? What are you talking about?
One of my friends is working there, and she asked me to lend her a few talented crew members.
Phew, you scared me.
They got a new attraction or some fair nearby,
so they're expecting lots of customers tomorrow.
They'll pay for your travel expenses and dispatch allowance, of course.
What do you say? Will you go?
Of course.
Lemme help too!
Thanks, but Maou-kun should be enough on his own.
I see...
That's about it.
You'll be representing us as one of our most talented crew members.
Fushima Park, huh?
Oh, tomorrow?
Are you really well enough for all this?
Foff cose.
It's about to expire, so we should eat it all today.
Thank you for your concern, though.
Ah, it's true.
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