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There is no human stronger than me in this world.

- Qiang Hui

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What're these?
I believe they are pickles.
She may be trying to thank us for letting her stay.
Let me taste them first.
How are they?
She is indeed a formidable enemy.
Why are the keys on the floor?
I guess she locked the door from the outside then threw them back in.
That's just the kind of goody-two-shoes thing I'd expect a hero to do.
What would you have done?
Isn't it obvious?
I would lock the door, then take the key home with me.
You're evil.
I am a demon. What of it?
I don't even want to remember that disgrace.
Now for our next story.
Last night, several shots were fired before dawn in a residential area of Shibuya.
The police have found multiple bullet holes at the scene,
as well as an abandoned bicycle nearby that appears to have been shot multiple times.
I-It's them!
The police believe it may be related to the incident,
and are currently searching for the owner of the bicycle.
Those morons...
Oh well, whatever.
There have also been a number of convenience store robberies and muggings in the area as of late.
The police are investigating any possible connections to last night's shooting.
Oh no, isn't that close to you?
That happened right by where you work, didn't it?
There has also been an earthquake in the Kanto region.
I'm not making this up or imagining it.
I'm sure an earthquake's gonna happen.
I'd like to ask for your advice. If you don't mind, could we meet sometime?
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There is no human stronger than me in this world.

Qiang Hui
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