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Stop ignoring me!

- Tornado of Terror

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So basically, you're not confident enough?
If I lose, I won't get a second chance.
Hey, now—
The meal itself might have been totally off-season,
but it was a very delicately prepared lunchbox.
Not to mention that if it was poisoned, they would be in grave danger.
Though, if she was an assassin from Ente Isla, the deed would be done by now.
Chiho-chan, you really shouldn't use me as an excuse. Just confront them head-on.
Oh, my. Sadao-dono, you have guests.
Huh? Who's it?
It is Emi-dono.
Not again!
So Ashiya-san got knocked out by the summer heat, and you're cooking in his place?
I see!
Whoa, you've cut the perilla up so fine! It's gorgeous!
It must first be cut in twain, then brought together and chopped finely. A simple method.
How do you make the lettuce so crisp?
Wash it thoroughly in cold water, then shake off every last drop.
Suzuno-san, I totally respect you!
The population density sure is high here.
Hope we've got enough chopsticks and bowls.
Oh, I brought my own!
I see. Well, shall we eat?
Sorry to cause you so much trouble, Kamazuki-san.
Is it breakfast time already?
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Stop ignoring me!

Tornado of Terror
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